Bellvue, CO

Julie Powell

Selected Work

About Julie Powell

I create jewelry using glass seed beads and stones, sewn with a needle and fishing line. My background is in textile design, and I look at my work as an extension of that world. Choosing each bead, one by one, I create a kind of fabric which is strong and flexible. I work off-loom in peyote and herringbone stitches. In addition to off-loom stitching I work on a simple bead loom to create a soft, pliant fabric. I also embroider into my woven fabric to create a textural effect. I work with the colors of the natural world, as well as historic textiles and crafts from all over the world. I am inspired by art of all kinds, and currently by Abstract Expressionism. My designs have a strong, graphic quality which is supported by rich and unusual palettes. Placing each bead- color by color, surface by surface, pattern by pattern, in proportion and balance is my passion.