Saint Louis, MO

Melissa Hampton

Selected Work

About Melissa Hampton

Through my jewelry practice, I explore scenes of spiritual, geological, and cosmic creation and how these often become powerful metaphors for our collective human experience. Investigating universal questions through the intimate act of hand fabricating wearable sculptures in sterling silver, 18 karat yellow gold, and gemstones often becomes a meditation on the idea of creation itself as I saw, pierce, and file metal away only to join it back to itself in new ways through fusing and soldering. The particular aesthetic of my work is achieved by thoughtfully layering fused textures, carving, engraving, stone setting, radiating golden arcs, and a unique technique I call "Gold Flow" in which I manipulate gold alloys with the heat of the torch flame. This technique is the hallmark of my work and produces a painterly, fluid effect in yellow gold that, when paired with oxidized sterling silver, creates one-of-a-kind pieces with stunning texture, contrast, and drama.