Weaverville, NC

Summer Merritt

New Artist in 2023

Selected Work

About Summer Merritt

Each piece of jewelry is a could be monolithic sculpture that I spend hours hand shaping, intuitively responding to the grain of precious hardwoods and finally polishing the work to feel like stone. I do not use any stains or dyes but rather rely on the natural colors and quality of the wood. How I craft my stud earrings is an example of my jewelry making practice, prioritizing attention to detail and dedication to fine craftsmanship. Each one of a kind piece is drilled and the post is mounted the way one would mount a pearl to ensure it does not fall off or pull out over time. All metal details and findings are sterling silver, vermeil or gold filled which compliments the warmth of the wood and adds to its inherent value.

Please contact artist at studio@prideandarchive.com