Shafer, MN

Ani Kasten

Selected Work

About Ani Kasten

I create one-of-a-kind and small groupings of sculptural vessels that explore the meeting point between natural and man-made worlds. The forms integrate these divergent sensibilities into a composed landscape, such as a stand of bamboo-like, truncated cylinders, perforated with windows to look like corroded skyscrapers, or a simple form such as a sphere, marked on its surface with an off-center, wandering imprint, like bird tracks in the sand. The pieces are often segmented, asymmetrical, weathered-- combining natural movement and an apparent state of organic deterioration invoking the cycle of life, death, decay. They investigate the nature of change, the compiling of memory, a feeling of loss and the recognition of temporal beauty bound with grief. As creative expressions of form, movement and texture, my work embodies a modern, minimal aesthetic while reminding one of a natural or ancient object exposed to the rigors of time.