Springfield, VA

Lori Katz

Selected Work

About Lori Katz

I am intrigued by contrast, the play of dark against light, the pull of empty space against the inclination to fill it up, the placement of line and shape, texture. My primary medium is clay. Clay gives me a set of rules to work within, and provides both a familiarity and a challenge. Each of my pieces is a visual and tactile exploration of my materials. Often, individual compositions become components in a grouping as I consider the balance and relationship of one piece to another to form a larger composition. Each piece encourages the next in construction and composition. My current clay work is stoneware. Additions to the raw surface can include slips, inlays of stoneware, underglaze, high-temperature wire. Some pieces are glazed; all are fired to maturity. Post firing additions can include acrylic paint, oil paint, cold wax and metal leaf.