Rome, GA

Jenifer Thoem

Selected Work

About Jenifer Thoem

My work is a reflection of my own personal experiences, thoughts, and emotional response to circumstances, typically out of my control.  I am especially fascinated with common textures and objects that, either due to our busyness or disregard, go unnoticed. A bright red fire hydrant, a muted pink band aid, text on a manhole cover, the soles of our children's shoes, the grungy type on industrial machinery.  I capture these abundantly common textures and hand build objects in stoneware clay and use them to create large scale wall instillations. The finishing techniques for these highly textured pieces include slips, stains and glazes which are fired multiple times. I incorporate repetition, size, depth, light, shadow and color to create work for the wall that blurs the lines between 2-D and 3-D.