Palmetto Bay, FL

Gary Traczyk

Selected Work

About Gary Traczyk

I create my work through an intensely physical process: I bend raw stainless steel with the use of vices, found objects and my own body weight. I cut, grind, and polish the metal with ear-splitting, spark-emitting power tools. Ironically, the themes that emerge in my finished work are the opposite of corporeal; they are spiritual, celestial, and ethereal. This juxtaposition of the physical and metaphysical is unconscious –despite my work’s reliance on precision, my creative process is largely intuitive and improvisational. In both my artistic and my personal life, I am drawn to movement. Many of my pieces are literally kinetic; others incorporate movement through the reflection of light and the use of dynamic lines and arcs. In my view, art and movement are inextricably linked.