Scottsville, NY

Scott Sober

Selected Work

About Scott Sober

My mission as an artist and craftsmen has always been to create designs that relate to the environment they will reside in. I design pieces that are well executed and built to last. My inspiration has been nature and art and architecture as well as furniture periods of the past such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Over the years I have developed a design language that can be simple or complex and always pleasing to the eye. As of late my designs have been coming from necessity as the motivation. They start out simple and well proportioned then I add interesting elements to take the design from mundane simple boxes with doors, shelving or drawers to intriguing visual art. I have been focusing on useable functional art pieces that are on a smaller scale, nook space size. This has opened my eyes to a new perspective in design and contributed to my growth as a designer.