Cleveland, OH

Valerie Mayén

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About Valerie Mayén

Yellowcake Shop Clothing is a handmade contemporary women’s clothing line. We responsibly design and produce essential versatile outerwear, tops, dresses, scarves, and accessories for the everyday professional woman. Our work is high-quality, modern, clean, and classic with an air of timelessness. It is our mission to help professional women simplify their wardrobe by providing key staples that will last for years. We make small batch production runs to reduce waste. We also utilize quite a lot of dead stock and purchase textiles from jobbers who rescue yardage from landfills. Our processes help sustain a healthier planet by saving our clients money on cost per wear. We also provide repairs, encourage clients to exchange their well-loved pieces for credits to new ones, resell preloved items, and upcycle used clothes.