Chicago, IL

Gina Pannorfi

Selected Work

About Gina Pannorfi

I am interested in color, texture, pattern and process. I approach each piece as a painting; a two dimensional surface to be designed, manipulated and permanently altered into an object to be used on the body or in the home. I mix my own dye colors and bath dye all silk. I layer the surface of the silk with merino wool fibers and then push the wool into the surface of the fabric with soap, water and the force of my body. After the merino fibers are attached into the woven structure of the fabric, I submerge and massage it into alternate baths of hot and cold water. This shrinks the wool, intern gathering and puckering the silk. Further applications of hand sewing and embellishment techniques are also incorporated into the process. I began my exploration of wet felt making in 2003. I believe in tradition and integrity in technique. I employ this to create 26 styles of scarves and shawls, each individually crafted and one of a kind.