Kohler, WI

Hosseinali Saheb Ekhtiari & Maryam Rouhi

New Artist in 2024

Selected Work

About Hosseinali Saheb Ekhtiari & Maryam Rouhi

We as human beings evolved to love perfection and admire the perfectionism in mathematics of nature and astronomy, in the beauty of design and in functionality of a product. Our perception of perfection though has shifted toward an industrial, molded and without-any-process marks and/or defects quality. The idea of a process mark, defect, irregularity, flaw, and as-is have been the center of our design process. Our goal is to design and make functional pieces that are delicate, well-made and pleasing to the eyes and hands when being used. We want our pieces to be in everyday life and carry the memories of generations with them. Our designs are inspired by Persian art and paintings, nature and minimalism.