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About Bruce Schuettinger and MosArt, Inc.

The furniture designed and produced by Bruce Schuettinger, ISFD and MosArt, Inc. is designed and crafted to be functional works of art that embody 35 years of knowledge and skill as a wooden artifacts conservator, furniture scholar, and artist.  The furniture designed and produced by Bruce Schuettinger and MosArt is a direct reflection of the dynamic union between the worlds of historic preservation, cultural scholarship, and artistic expression. This blending of these worlds has enabled Bruce Schuettinger and MosArt to create one-of-a-kind works of functional art that will stand the test of time and become tomorrow’s cherished heirlooms.  Bruce Schuettinger is inspired by the beauty and complexity that lies in nature and by the great artists and craftsmen from many cultures and throughout history from the dynasties of ancient Egypt to the Studio Furniture of Wendell Castle. MosArt is compelled in the design, material usage, and production of its furniture to practice green, sustainable and renewable practices, while also abiding by LEED certification guidelines.