Philadelphia, PA

Keunho Park

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About Keunho Park

The beauty of the human body and characteristic forms of various living creatures always inspire me. This naturally leads me to take interest in organic forms and to create anthropomorphic forms. To achieve this, I use segmented carving technique which enables me to make liberal forms and size, and also use different texture and color to add unique features on each work. I constantly explore innovative construction format to create organic forms and explore the sensory experience and sculptural qualities that could be derived from a functional object made out of wood.

Contact me at
DM me on Instagram: @studiospong
Call me at 814-777-3342 to schedule a Zoom call or a visit to my studio in Philadelphia.

I will be hosting Zoom calls and Studio Visits during PMA Craft Show open hours:

Preview Party: Thursday, November 4 (4pm-9pm)
Friday, November 5 (11am-9pm)
Saturday, November 6 (10am-6pm)
Sunday, November 7 (10am-5pm)