Belfast, ME

Deborah Falls

Selected Work

About Deborah Falls

In my work I focus on the simplicity of line, form and color. I choose handwoven silks for their variation in texture that are enhanced by the dyes. With the combination of these silks and the brilliance and translucency of the silk dyes, I try to capture the individual and ephemeral nature of my subject. I enjoy the suggestion of antique botanical studies in a contemporary translation. I use light to create an intimate sense of space and time. I work with real specimens in order to give my own sense of the character and essence of my subject. My technique involves methods that I draw from my printmaking and drawing experience as well as from my textile design experience. Upon completion, the pieces are steamed, stretched and sewn onto an archival foam core and presented with a simple frame, One of my goals was to eliminate the use of resist lines in order to create a cleaner and lighter edge for defining shape and to see nature, as one might, on a summers day.