Reinholds, PA

Jill Heir

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About Jill Heir

While pursuing a successful career in Engineering, my days were filled with specifications but my daydreams were of shapes, designs and forms of beauty. I felt alive whenever I took a walk in a wood and while contemplating the artistic beauty found in nature, I saw possibilities and a new path. It was second nature, trial and error, but contentment and love grew with each woven design. The artist behind the desk was freed.  The months spent in pandemic quarantine have given me a new perspective on my life. 

I've realized how completely my creative side influences my attitude and sense of well-being. Yet again, reed and wood have saved me, calmed me and strengthened my resolve.  The inter-play between left and right brain, hands and materials stimulates my creative process and leads my work in new directions.  I am self-taught.  I utilize weaving and sculpture techniques to create original works.

Please contact me at with any questions about my work. Thank you for your interest.