Published March 09th 2022

The Fine Craft of Handbags for Springtime and Beyond

People are getting out and about more, and with spring just around the corner, how about some fashion forward handbags and purses for accessorizing your wardrobe? From leather and felt, to stainless steel and wood, we’re amazed at the creativity and conceptual designs in these beautiful and utilitarian bags, ready for a day or night out.

Handbag by Laura Burkett

(Above: Handbag by Laura Burkett)


A great deal of Laura’s design inspiration and technique comes from time she spent in Italy, working with a local cobbler Sergio and learning all she could about her chosen craft. With her interest in designing a stylish and functional bag that could carry a laptop and more, she eventually was able to create a prototype for what is now called Zaino - or backpack in Italian. Absorbing her learning about craftsmanship and quality through Sergio’s guidance, she brought this passion back to the United States, began working on new designs, and developing her own line of handbags and professional bags. Laura’s bags both simplify your life, as well as express your sense of style. The bags are crafted in small batches, allowing the leather to shine through alongside careful craftsmanship. They’re built to last, and each has its own individual look, with a timeless appeal. 

Handbag by Wendy Stevens

(Above: Handbag by Wendy Stevens)


Wendy Steven’s handbags are filled with elegance, sophistication, and stainless steel! A most unexpected material for a handbag, Wendy’s works are stunning and suitable for everyday use or for a formal evening out. She has been designing and creating for three decades, developing and discovering how effective the materials are. First inspired by the industrial materials that surrounded her in New York City, she began building her original and unique style, and steadily growing her business and client base. After a fire completely destroyed her studio in 2004, she rebuilt within a year, with the primary focus being the production of her refined metal handbags. Wendy was later invited to participate in a solo exhibition of her work at the prestigious Tassenmuseum in Amsterdam, and several of her bags are in their permanent collection. Wendy’s handbags are made of stainless steel with leather and metal components and are hand fabricated and assembled outside of Philadelphia. The use of stainless steel as the primary material has been effective in the strength, form and longevity of each piece. 

Handbag by Mark & Sharon Diebolt

(Above: Handbag by Mark & Sharon Diebolt)

Handbag by Mark & Sharon Diebolt

(Above: Handbag by Mark & Sharon Diebolt)


Another unusual material for handbags is wood, and that is what Mark and Sharon Diebolt’s bags are all about. Amazed at the inherent beauty of wood, they love working with veneers because of the unique technical and design challenges presented when working with these fragile layers. They approach their designs in a similar way to a painter with an empty palette, starting with an idea, and then adding more details as the piece takes shape. Mark and Sharon have been collaborators for over three decades, deciding early on to pursue a life together creating beautiful yet functional works of art. Prior to handbags, they designed and produced jewelry boxes, clocks, and small studio furniture. It was in 2008 that they had their aha moment, to create wood handbags. Having extensive knowledge in veneer work, they knew they could use their combined skills to design and create bags in this medium. Their work is influenced by the aesthetics of the 1930’s and 1940’s, but with a contemporary angle. Their lightweight, beautiful purses with highly figured wood veneers stand out in the marketplace, and are a beautiful accent piece for any outing, business or pleasure.

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Carrie George

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Handbag by Carrie George

(Above: Handbag by Carrie George)

Handbag by Angela Flaviani

(Above: Handbag by Angela Flaviani)

Handbags by Audrey Jung

(Above: Handbags by Audrey Jung)