Published August 24th 2021

JEWELRY SPOTLIGHT – Part Two – A Spin on Traditional Materials

Using traditional materials of silver and gold is the cornerstone of many contemporary jewelry artists. It’s what they do with those precious metals that create one-of-a-kind works of art. The use of color, shape, texture, materials, and high-level design culminates in stunning pieces ready to adorn and complement an outfit. Take a walk through this garden of jewelry and get ready to take in enjoy the sparkle and glimmer.

Necklace by Geoffrey Giles

(Above: Necklace by Geoffrey Giles)

Geoffrey Giles

Committed to environmentally friendly processes and materials, Geoffrey’s jewelry is made from 100% reclaimed and recycled precious metals, primarily 18K gold and silver, as well as precious gemstones. Hand fabricating each piece using a variety of traditional goldsmithing techniques, Geoffrey’s work exemplifies a minimal industrial aesthetic. A combination of bold geometric forms, clean lines, and attention to surface detail, and an exploration of light play across various textured surfaces. Geoffrey spent long hours drawing and painting in his youth. He was introduced to jewelry making in high school, and never looked back. He was taken on as an apprentice by two master goldsmiths and formally began his training, eventually moving to the mountains of North Carolina to begin his life as an independent designer and goldsmith.

Jewelry by Rob Greene

(Above: Jewelry by Rob Greene)

Rob Greene
Rob is an independent jewelry designer and goldsmith living and working in Vermont. His designs are inspired by unique precious and semi-precious gemstones. Hand-fabricated in 18k - 22k gold and platinum with stones ranging from quartz to diamonds, Rob’s tasteful and elegant designs are a true statement for anyone to wear.

Bracelet cuff by Heather Guidero

(Above: Bracelet cuff by Heather Guidero)

Heather Guidero

A love for drawing led Heather Guidero to a surprising fascination with jewelry. Two decades later, she is as enamored with the metalsmithing process as ever. Formally trained at RISD, Heather worked as a goldsmith for renowned jewelry company Reinstein/Ross in New York before returning to Providence, Rhode Island to launch her namesake collection in 2005. Inspired by elements of modernist design, Heather uses metal sheet and wire to render drawings three-dimensionally. The results are unique explorations of volume, movement, pattern, and color transformed into personal and interactive pieces to wear. The graphic lines, textures, and patterns of her work are inspired by elements of modernist design, fashion, and urban architecture translated into ethically-sourced gold and silver. Heather’s collection boldly accentuates personal style as the natural movement enables the jewelry to come alive when worn. Heather also teaches jewelry classes, where she helps teens and young adults learn new metalsmithing skills.

Necklace by Stephen & Tamberlaine Zeh

(Above: Necklace by Stephen & Tamberlaine Zeh)

Stephen and Tamberlaine Zeh

Stephen and Tamberlaine live on a family farm in the western mountains of Maine and find inspiration in the surrounding nature and sense of place. Years of hand-crafting baskets influences the design and techniques in their current work in precious metals, and it shows. Their jewelry work began when they made tiny buckles for their miniature baskets, and their designs are influenced by craftsmanship of years gone by. Forging small pieces of brass, they learned they could draw gold and silver into fine strands to weave into tiny baskets of gold. Each piece is hand fabricated with techniques of drawing, rolling, beveling, braiding, weaving, wrapping, soldering, and forging. Upon close look, one sees the radiating weave of a round basket becoming a sunburst series of earrings and necklaces.

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