Dining With Style – A Beautiful Tabletop of Contemporary Craft

(Above: Dining chairs by Alan Daigre)

Dinner is on the table and it’s time to bring out the extra special items! From appetizers and beverages to the main course and desserts, contemporary craft artists bring beauty and functionality to the meal. We invite you to check out these selections (and more), suitable for a family feast, friends over for a summer soiree, or a romantic dinner for two. Bon appetit!


(Above: Dining table by Greg Fuguet)

Greg Fuguet

There’s nothing like setting the table when the table itself is a work of art. Greg Fuguet was an emerging artist at the 2020 PMA Craft Show and if a picture tells a thousand words, his tables (and chairs) fit the bill. The wood used in Greg’s furniture is salvaged, milled, and dried right here in the city of Philadelphia.

Alan Daigre

Comfort is the name of the game while enjoying a beautiful meal, so we are delighted to share the chairs of Alan Daigre. Known for many years for his signature rope/block design rocking chair, Alan incorporated the technique and design into dining chairs, to the delight of his customers.

(Above: Charcuterie boards & wine toppers by Christina Vincent. Bowls and spoons by Dean Babin)

Christina Vincent

Christina’s collection of wine toppers and charcuterie boards bring a utilitarian element to appetizers and beverages. Also known for her furniture, Christina’s work is made with hand-selected materials, natural finishes, and traditional joinery.

Dean Babin

A 2020 PMA Craft Show emerging artist, Dean’s trajectory into design dates back to building Lego creations in his childhood. He keeps this playful approach in mind, with the goal that his objects are unique, pleasing to the eye, and fun.



(Above: Plates by Will Swanson, teapots by Mea Rhee, bowl by Laura Zindel, mugs by Ikuzi Teraki & Jeanne Bisson)

Will Swanson

Will Swanson’s handmade dinnerware is ready for delicious food to grace its surface. His work includes serving bowls, platters, baking dishes, mugs, and plates. Designed and built for everyday use, each piece is a work of art, crafted individually on a potter’s wheel.

Ikuzi Teraki & Jeanne Bisson

How about a hot beverage at the end of the meal? These mugs by Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson are just the cup of tea you might be looking for. Beautiful to hold and behold, there is a subtle elegance in the design, while capturing the essential qualities of a favorite mug.

Mea Rhee

A teapot gracing the table is a beautiful way to begin or end the meal, not to mention any other moment of the day. Mea Rhee had a long career in graphic design before segueing into pottery, aligning a sensibility of form and design together.

Laura Zindel

Surely a conversation centerpiece, Laura’s ceramic pieces are the talk of the table. The surface of each piece is collaged with enamel transfers of original graphite illustrations of flora and fauna that are both detailed and delightful.



(Above: Bowl by Sara Thompson, ladles by Kate Dannenberg, Salad set by Ben Caldwell, spoons by Erica Moody)

Benjamin Caldwell

As a beautiful salad is often the start of the meal, how about a beautiful salad set to serve it? Metalsmith Ben Caldwell creates custom, one-of-a-kind copper, silver and enamel art, using techniques including hammering, raising, and chasing by hand with traditional tools, and tools of his own design.

Erica Moody

Recipient of the 2019 award for Excellence in Metal, Erica Moody’s metalwork is a complement to a beautifully presented dining table. Beginning with hammering and sanding sheets of brass and copper, Erica creates fine tools primarily focusing on serving food.

Kate Dannenberg

We couldn’t resist these little ladles by Kate Dannenberg, an emerging artist at the 2020 PMA Craft Show. Known for her jewelry craft, Kate’s aesthetic transitions beautifully to these delightful pieces, perfect for serving condiments.

Sara Thompson

Whether for a fruit-filled dessert bowl or a side dish or salad, Sara’s silver work adds a bright and reflective element to the table. Recipient of the 2020 prize for Excellence in Metal at the PMA Craft Show, Sara is drawn to the process of bringing a flat, two dimensional sheet of silver and hammering it into a three dimensional object.



(Above: Glasses by Andrew Iannazzi, vases by Nick Kekic)

Andrew Iannazzi

Raise a toast in these beautiful glasses by Andrew Iannazzi. Drawing from historical Italian and Scandinavian design as well as American popular imagery, Andrew blends traditional glass working techniques with modern design and functionality.

Nick Kekic

Completing our collection for a beautiful dining table, a vase for flowers is the icing on the cake. Nick Kekic’s vases are colorful and elegant in their design and presentation. Nick finds glass most beautiful in how it conveys its fluidity as a material while expressing its unique relationship with light and transparency.

We encourage you to explore the full breadth of the work of these artists and more on the PMA Craft Show website.


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