Mother’s Day Gift Guide – A Springtime Selection of Fine Craft

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we bring you a gift guide with stylish sophistication for springtime and beyond. To begin, we thought we’d introduce a very special partnership. Meet Suneera and Ana Swarup, a mother-daughter team from Los Angeles, designing and creating fine jewelry and loving the fact that they can work together. Suneera has been designing jewelry since 2001, and she and Ana began their collaboration in 2017, creating their daughter line, .925SUNEERA. Their signature collection combines silver in lush finishes with 14K polished gold and a generous sprinkling of diamonds. These casual luxury pieces are designed to be worn every day, with an elegance and flexibility suitable for any occasion.

(Above: Earrings and necklace by Suneera & Ana Swarup)

(Above: Suneera & Ana Swarup)

Do you have a favorite story about working together?

Suneera: Too many to share, but the one that stands out the most is our trip to Tucson. It was Ana’s first time at the gem shows and she was completely captivated. We had the best three days full of dreaming and designing, buying stones, and eating amazing food.

What’s your favorite aspect of working together?

Suneera: The easiness and creativity to be honest. We have such a strong bond and similar esthetic vision that allows our creativity to flow quite effortlessly. We both bring unique aspects of design and styling to the table; that is our strength.

Ana: Mine is styling and merchandising. I also love going to the shows; it is the perfect mix of fun and work, and it is exciting to travel to new cities.

Ana, did you always dream of working with your mother?

Yes. I have been doing so in one way or another since high school. I recall helping mom with different aspects of designing and fabrication, from selecting stones to seeing her interact with customers. But what I loved the most was when I accompanied her to shows, hence my favorite aspect of working with her now. I really enjoyed being surrounded by art and the community. I was so mesmerized at such a young age. This provided me with a platform to express myself as an artist as well as be involved in the business part of it all.

Suneera, same question - did you always dream of working with your daughter?

Of course, I coveted her to do so. But, as a mother I have always encouraged Ana to be an independent young woman, which she is, and therefore I wanted her to make that decision for herself. After graduating from FIT in 2013, she started working for a fashion company in New York and was all set on her career path at the time. However, after a year she decided to come back and join me. It was the most delightful surprise and a dream come true.

More Mother’s Day gift ideas from these wonderful artists….

(Above: Wall piece by Amy Gillespie)

Amy Gillespie is a fiber artist, painter, and woodworker from Cape Cod who creates colorful and sculptural wall pieces with felt, paints, and various hardwoods. Amy's background is in fiber, but she has always been fascinated by wood. To achieve integration between the materials, she lets the wood to set the tone for the pieces. 

(Above: Wine tote / handbag by Julia Hilbrandt)

Julia Hilbrandt creates her fashion forward and utilitarian bags and totes in her home studio in Rhinebeck, NY. Fascinated with texture, Julia crafts her bags from industrial felt. She finds inspiration from the density and thickness of the fabric, with simplicity being the intended result of her design decisions along the way.

(Above: Vase by Kate Tremel)

Who doesn’t love flowers? Whether it’s Mother’s Day or beyond, Kate Tremel’s striking porcelain vases are truly beautiful to behold. Click HERE to get a glimpse into her remarkable process. She uses a pre-Colombian technique she learned as an anthropology student in Peru, and is comforted by her connection to the long history of makers in clay where the fundamental processes have changed very little. Kate has continued to explore her interest in other cultures, participating in residencies in Japan and France. 

(Above: Vase by David Russell)

Rounding out our gift guide is David Russell. David’s work is timeless. Finding his passion for glass at the Penland School in the mid-1990’s, David’s career has included studying and assistant teaching at Penland and the Corning Museum of Glass, and eventually building his own hot glass studio in Camden, South Carolina.




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