Valentine’s Day – The Art Of Love

(Above: Felt jewelry pins by Danielle Gori-Montanelli)

Hearts and flowers. Champagne and chocolate. Ah, Valentine’s Day.

With this special celebration on the horizon, here is a timely gift guide featuring work from some of our artists that offer a unique take on a season of love.



(Above: Heart earrings by Baiyang Qiu)

Baiyang Qui 

You can’t say Valentine’s Day without thinking hearts, and when it comes to just the right gift, we bring you the beautiful fine craft of Baiyang Qui. Her award winning pieces are stunning to behold. With delicacy in their appearance and strength in their construction, Baiyang’s work is inspired by the nature around her that brings her designs to life.

(Above: Heart brooch by Judith Kinghorn)

Judith Kinghorn 

Truly showpieces, Judith’s jewelry is crafted primarily in high karat gold, sterling silver and precious stones. She credits her lifelong love of her city of Minneapolis blended with the nature that surrounds it as her inspiration. Judith’s approach to design relies on the exchange between the materials she uses and the manner in which they relate together. There is clearly love in each piece she creates, especially one centered in the heart.

(Above: Heart necklace by Jacqueline Sanchez)

Jacqueline Sanchez 

Lego love has a nice ring to it and so does this whimsical necklace by Jacqueline Sanchez. Though she also works with fine gems, Jacqueline is known for incorporating Lego pieces into her jewelry. A nod to love itself, Jacqueline has made her livelihood by leading from the heart. Years ago she discovered her love for creating jewelry while on the road with her boyfriend, passing the time at Grateful Dead concerts by making jewelry.



(Above: Champagne diamond bracelet by Suneera & Ana Swarup; Champagne flute by Amy Ropwer Lyons)

Suneera & Ana Swarup 

Champagne isn’t only for sipping. In this instance, champagne refers to diamonds and you can’t get much more luxury than that. A mother and daughter dynamic duo, Suneera and Ana Swarup Rubenstein began collaborating in 2017, designing collections for both men and women, with a simple yet sophisticated casualness. This bracelet has black rhodium sterling silver links with 14K gold accent links and champagne diamonds, a sweet gift idea for the special one in your life.

Amy Roper Lyons 

Owning a piece of work by Amy Roper Lyons is like owning an object fit for a museum, or perhaps the table settings of royalty. A goldsmith and enamellist, Amy’s work is next level, blending and fabricating a myriad of processes and techniques including cloisonné, plique a jour, and basse-taille. Fascinated by metal and glass, Amy endeavors to capture the tension and balance between these two materials, one fragile, and one strong.



(Above: Floral shawl by Alison Kelly; Floral vase by Dwo Wen Chen)

Alison Kelly – Floral fiber art to wear 

The soft beauty of Alison Kelly’s wearables are just the right accompaniment to this time of year, when cozy is the calling. With floral prints created directly from laying flora onto cloth, the recipient of Alison’s creations can sense the incomparable nuance of being one with nature. Her ancient dye techniques are both timeless and sustainable, thus offering a bridge between wearable art and sustainable fashion.

Dwo Wen Chen

Contrasting the various ways that flowers are used in fine craft, next we bring you Three Wheels Studio and the work of Dwo Wen Chen. Both beautiful and utilitarian, this vase, imprinted with wildflowers, can be used year-round, while it would be extra special for Valentine’s Day accompanied by a dozen roses for the special someone in your life.


(Above: Floral artwork by Deborah Falls; Stained Glass by Karen & Geoffrey Caldwell)

Deborah Falls

As many have taken this time to do some home redecorating, here is a framed piece of art ready for the wall. Painting with fiber reactive silk dyes on handwoven Indian dupioni textured silk, Deborah is drawn to working with silk and dyes because of the vibrant colors and textures. She is self-taught and has developed her own way of applying and managing the materials to create the finished product.

Karen & Geoffrey Caldwell

If home is where the heart is, than the art of glass offers just the right lightness in the form of fine craft. The glass panels are a combination of three different, difficult, and disparate glass techniques. This wife and husband team have been artists and artisans together in life and craft for over 40 years, first inspired from a shared fascination for rainbows that are cast by prisms.


And last but not least, CHOCOLATE (the non-edible type....pictured above)

Danielle Gori-Montanelli 

With truly something for everyone, who can resist chocolate, especially when it has zero calories! These non-edible chocolate pins are not only full of whimsy and creativity, at just $35 each, you can get a bunch to hand out like candy! Danielle Gori-Montanelli’s hope is that her work captures the joy she finds in celebrating intrinsic beauty of everyday objects and nature.



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