Philadelphia Museum of Art Online Craft Show - Artist Category Sneak Preview - Part Two

(Above: wood artist Phil Roberts in studio)

As with our previous blog, we’re introducing an artist from each category to set the stage for this year’s online Craft Show. Since attending the Show can now be from anywhere, we encourage you to get to know the artists in advance in anticipation of the main event. Follow our social media @pmacraftshow for continued updates and save the dates for this year’s online Show, November 6th-8th, with a virtual preview event on November 5th.

(Above: necklace by Baiyang Qiu)

(Above: leather jacket by Toshiki & Maryszka)


Baiyang Qiu combines traditional handwork with cutting-edge technology, using extremely fine gauge wire of high-karat gold and platinum to create her delicate designs of the highest quality. From a raindrop on a leaf to an emerging butterfly from its chrysalis, her timeless jewelry captures and preserves moments in nature.

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Toshiki & Maryszka have been designing together ever since discovering a shared a sense of style 40 years ago. Maryszka grew up around fabric and sewing. Her grandmother came from Poland as a child and sewed for a living in the US. Maryszka’s mother and aunts taught her about fabric and she earned a degree in Designer Crafts from the University of Utah. Toshiki grew up in Tokyo, studied fashion design and is the great-grandson of a metalsmith to the Meiji Emperor, whose work is in the permanent collection of The National Museum of Japan.

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(Above: silver cups by Sara Thompson)

(Above: Raku by Ellen Silberlicht)


Sara Thompson has been working on her craft since she was a child. Apprenticing for a bench jeweler from age 11 to 16, she learned metalsmithing while gaining experience in making a living as a jeweler and simultaneously running a retail store on Martha’s Vineyard. Sara is drawn to the simplicity of taking a flat, two-dimensional sheet of silver and hammering it into her three-dimensional utilitarian objects and vessels, which she does by using an ancient metalsmithing technique.

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Ellen Silberlicht developed her passion for the raku process during a clay class at the Wayne Arts Center in conjunction with the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her focus became handbuilding small and large jars and vessels. Her pots reflect the awe and wonder of nature that has always been her inspiration.

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(Above: Hand-bound books by Judith Cohen)

(Above: Wood relief sculpture by Phil Roberts)



Judith Cohen developed her passion for bookbinding while handsewing books in a commercial bindery. Judith makes fine handcrafted contemporary objects using paper and cloth from around the world. Her work represents a current and eclectic aesthetic while maintaining a timeless sensibility using bookbinding techniques going back to the 2nd century. 

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Working with precise laser-cut pieces of super thin plywood, Phil Roberts calls his layered pieces relief sculptures. Each starts with a digital illustration that is transformed into wood, with the individual components finished and glued by hand. Phil’s love of art, design, machinery, and a long history of traditional woodworking informs his passion for his work while his ability to use technology helps bring his designs to life.

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(Above: Teapot by Stacey Lee Webber)


Sometimes an artist comes to us that crosses over into two categories. Such is the case with Stacey Lee Webber. Stacey holds an MFA and has taught at Tyler School of Art, University of the Arts, and Rowan University. Working with found materials whose history is physically evident, her work is often described as meticulous, pushing the boundaries of everyday recognizable objects to the point of unidentifiable.

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