The Gift of Contemporary Craft: Gift Registry Round-Up – Part One

(Above: Wood serving board by Phil Gautreau)

Home. Kitchens. Holidays. Weddings. Gifts embrace a sense of place and time, whether you’re staying home, planning a new kind of holiday season, or looking ahead to a postponed wedding and what to give the happy couple. A gift registry utilizing crafts from Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show artists can be a great way for event guests to choose a present they know is truly wanted, while also supporting artists during this challenging time. Gifts can of course be for yourself as well, so whether for you or others, today we offer a selection of beautiful contemporary crafts by some of our 2020 artists.

One of the most versatile gifts, appropriate for so many occasions is a cutting board or cheese board. Crafted from locally-sourced, repurposed wood, Phil Gautreau takes this to a new level, creating wood furnishings and accessories that may be based on traditional styles, but are nuanced with contemporary line and shape. By photographing his pieces amid the color of nature with both flowers and fruits, plus leafy greens, he not only showcases the complement of color and design, but shows how his work can be used in daily life. Phil has been featured in Interior Design, Fine Woodworking, Tableware Today and Edible Brooklyn magazines and he has received multiple accolades including the Eco Choice Award at NY NOW.

Gabriel Craig’s aesthetic is both utilitarian and visually stunning as shown in the photo below. A highly skilled metalsmith, Gabriel’s work has been exhibited at Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The National Ornamental Metal Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft. This beautiful and functional kitchen set would not only be useful but a well-placed artful centerpiece on a wall.

(Above: Utensil set by Gabriel Craig)

Laura Zindel’s ceramics are the ideal complement to any kitchen, or elsewhere in the home for that matter. Pencil drawings inspired by nature are the genesis of Laura’s designs, combined with the pragmatism of the Arts & Crafts movement and the curiosity of the Victorian collectibles era. Her work has been featured widely in publications including Oprah’s O magazine, Bon Appetit, and Vogue Living.

(Above: Ceramic canisters by Laura Zindel)

Utensils are more than their function when it comes to the fine craft of kitchen wares. These elegant designs by Erica Moody and Jonathan Simons respectively are a good example of that. Recipient of the 2019 award for excellence in metal, Erica’s work is forged and fabricated by hand in her Maine studio out of mostly brass, copper, and steel. Her pieces work as stand alone creations or parts of a set, and would look ideal paired with a Phil Gautreau cheese board!

Jonathan’s spoons are functional and whimsical all at the same time, and he has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine as well as chef Rachael Ray’s magazine. Originally from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, Jonathan’s work is partly inspired by the plethora of wood, tile, and stained glass work that surrounded him in places like the Bryn Athyn Cathedral and several area mansions built at the turn of the 20th century. He considers the elegant simplicity of design developed during that time as evolutionary in his work.

(Above: Wedding cake set by metalsmith Erica Moody. Wooden serving ware by Jonathan Simons)

Rounding out this grouping, what could be better for the ultimate home chef than this stunning cookware? Created by Yates Spencer, each skillet is a work of art, reflecting the skill of this longtime blacksmith. Focusing on sculpture, furniture, and architectural ironwork for over 30 years, Yates brought the steel into the kitchen, where he has been ever since, to the delight of his customers and renowned chefs throughout the country.

(Above: Hand forged skillets by Yates Spencer)

We encourage you to keep an eye on our website as plans move forward with moving the 2020 PMA Craft Show to an online event. Stay tuned for show announcements and artist updates, and follow @pmacraftshow social media to stay connected.


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