IDEA SPOTLIGHT: Fine Contemporary Craft for Wedding Registries

(Above: Full dinnerware set by Teresa Chang. More images below...)

In a wedding season like no other, creativity abounds in every direction. When it comes to gifts, how about thinking outside the (gift) box? The world of fine contemporary craft is a welcome complement to the traditional wedding gift registry. If you want something truly unique that will last a lifetime and support artists working in their craft, look no further than the artists of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. Longtime Craft Show attendee Emily Rothrock is planning her wedding and has a gift registry in place with one of our 2020 Craft Show artists, Teresa Chang.

A fan of her work, it was a natural progression for Emily to reach out to Teresa who already had a registry available to customers. “I’ve been attending the PMA Craft Show for many years, and the idea came to me to create a wedding gift registry where guests can purchase one-of-a-kind handmade pieces by contemporary craft artists”, says Emily. “I wanted to do something unique, to start a collection, and I like that there’s a story behind each piece. I feel strongly about supporting the artists and also wanted to share it with my peers to let them see another option for their registries.” Teresa’s work is modern and practical for everyday use and for entertaining. With individual pieces ranging from approximately $50 to $150 each, a registry is a great way to work with couples just getting started. Their guests can purchase gifts that are singular or part of a collection and it’s another way for artists to gain exposure to a new audience. Teresa recommends that other artists consider offering it when possible. Categories like dinnerware, stemware, and flatware work well, especially when guests can buy pieces toward a set. Artists creating unique one-of-a kind pieces may find their work is appealing on a gift registry as well, whether it’s jewelry or sculpture, or a signature piece of furniture.

Teresa designs and creates high-end, hand thrown, porcelain dinnerware in her Philadelphia studio. Her work stands out in its sophisticated simplicity, showcasing the essence of the form and structure itself. Teresa’s dinnerware has been in stores such as Barney’s, Takashimaya, and Dean and Deluca. People usually learn about Teresa’s gift registry in conversation at shows or on her website, and she loves working with engaged couples. “Just like when I make dinnerware sets for anyone, the personal interaction is very pleasant”, she says. “I love helping people design a set for themselves. And I love thinking about who I am making my work for when I am working on each piece. Plus, every customer (friend or relative of the engaged couple) is so happy to purchase something handmade and unique for such a momentous occasion. It’s pretty much a win/win/win.”

At a time when creativity in marketing and promotion is more important than ever, a gift registry is a great option for contemporary craft artists. They can potentially reach new clients, while offering a new option for existing clients. Whether or not shoppers know of the artist, a gift registry is another way to highlight individual artists and smaller brands so they can get more recognition. It’s the best of both worlds when a gift registry purchase helps the happy couple start or add to a collection of unique objects while simultaneously supporting artists.

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Photo credits: Dominic Episcopo

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