Meet the Artist: Susan Lenz

Susan Lenz is a South Carolina-based fiber artist. Her unique installations and innovation with her craft have earned her attention across the nation.

Tell us about your background.

I am a mainly self-taught artist working with fibers. This is my third year participating at the Craft Show.

What influences your art?

Many things have helped shape my taste and techniques over time, influencing my art. I am heavily influenced by architecture, as I create my work to have a sense of a building. I love the work of Austrian Architects, and the concept of individualism. I identify with the idea that your home should reflect you, and with my work, I get to create art that reflects people. It is important to make a space unique and represents who truly lives there. I use a lot of colors, and no straight lines. I am fascinated by stained glass windows, and each of my series are related to windows in some way.

What lead you to focusing on fiber?

I like taking old and neglected yarn from yard sales and auctions and make art out of it. I have a sense of purpose in taking these unwanted and unused materials and create something new and useful.

Is there a general process you follow for creating your work?

There are three main stages in my process: cutting polyester and fusing it down, sewing it, and melting and soldering iron holes. My work also requires a lot of prep, breaking down fibers, as they come in all different forms.

What piece of work are you proud of?

I have a piece featured in the Textile Museum in Washington, DC called “Wasted Worlds: Global Warnings.” It is featured as part of the permanent collection of the museum.

How do you connect with your clients?

I have had a blog since 2006! It is a way for clients to be able to see what I am working on and see my process. It’s called “Art in Stitches,” and highlights different projects I am working on, and lets people better understand the purpose of my work. I can post my projects online, and let people see all aspects of the artistic process.

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