Meet the Artist: Ashley Buchanan

Ashley Buchanan is a high-end jewelry artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Her contemporary work and unique style earned her a coveted spot in this year’s PMA Craft Show.

Tell us about yourself and your art background.

My father and grandfather were both carpenters, inspiring me to pick the art / craft route in life. I attended the University of Georgia out of high school, and right away, I knew I wanted to study art. I first came in as a sculpting major, but after a summer studying in Italy, I realized my passion for jewelry making, and I have never turned back from there.

You mentioned that you realized your passion for jewelry in college, why jewelry?

I often joke that jewelry is the “Gateway Drug” of collecting art—wearing it can make it become a conversation piece, and help start developing a new love for art. I also love that it’s mobile, and lets you bring art wherever you go.

What influences your work?

I am influenced by many things that have surrounded me in my life. My work is contemporary but uses familiar materials like pearls, lace and ornamentation. I like to use a familiar color palette. When I first started out I couldn’t afford to use super expensive materials like precious stones, so my work took shape in non-traditional materials.

What does your day-to-day look like?

I usually start with the business end, answering work emails and online orders, and then transition into my studio. It is important to mix the business aspects into your day, as being in the studio can be isolating.

Do you use social media to promote yourself?

Yes! Instagram is the biggest, but sometimes I use Facebook too. I try to create client/artist relations to connect with my clients. I think it makes the art more special when you get to know the artist more, and social media is the perfect way to give clients a look into my life and process. I also get the chance to tell people what shows I will be doing. I try to do between 12-16 shows a year.

Why do you enjoy showing your work at the PMA Craft Show?

The attendees of this show appreciate what they are seeing. They get excited to see new and unique work, and truly get what it means to patron the arts.

What should someone know prior to attending the PMA craft show?

Artists all approach jewelry making differently—you can look at 100 pairs of earrings, and they are all different, and that to me is what makes it cool. I love knowing the products I sell are made by me, and all the artists that will be there have a very important place in our society’s culture.


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