Meet the Artist: Ann Everett

Ann Everett is an Irish-born, Chicago-based artist whose fashion line embodies luxury, intelligence and a touch of humor.

Tell us about your background.

I am from Ireland, and ever since I was a kid I have loved fashion and clothes. I never really liked fitted clothes, so I would cut up the clothes I had and create my own things. Over the years, I have moved around a lot, and I made clothes that I wanted to wear, and others wanted to buy them! After moving to Chicago, a seamstress told me to take this seriously, and I did. I started out with one rack of clothing in my home, and every time I wore something out of the house, people would purchase my designs right off my back, and away I went. Today, I have my own studio and showroom in Chicago.

What influences your work?

I am really inspired by Japanese fashion and art, as well as architecture, especially in the US. I specialize in one of a kind pieces.

How do you choose a material for a piece?

Well I love nature fibers like bamboo, wool, cottons and linens, and I usually let the fibers inspire me, and then from there I figure out what to create. I don’t really do a lot of sketching beforehand; I usually like to have the materials give me inspiration. I love to use high quality fibers, and from there go into the design process.

What does your studio day-to-day look like?

Well, I always work out first. Then I will come to work, and powwow with my team to brainstorm concepts. We always schedule in time to splash ideas and designs off each other, and this to me is important in the creative process. During the day clients will drop in to see progress on work or what we have going on in studio.

Most days are filled with the unexpected, which makes every day exciting.

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