The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show Welcomes Artists from Across the Nation

As the Craft Show celebrates its 40th anniversary, 195 artists will sell their high-quality handmade pieces of art.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show kicks-off its 40th Anniversary Show with the announcement of this year’s 195 contemporary presenting craft artists hailing from 34 states. These artists have been chosen from more than 875 applicants to showcase and sell their unique, one-of-a kind, museum quality pieces at this year’s show.

David and Roberta Williamson create works that reflect their appreciation and love of the natural world. The consistent themes of their works include nature, garden, and home.

Below, we highlight three artists who represent the breadth and depth of the 40th annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show:

Roberta and David Williamson – Mixed Media

As artistic partners for nearly 45 years, the Williamsons’ will be participating in the PMA Craft Show for the 35th time this year. What brings them back year after year? Their mutual love of connecting with artists and attendees from across the country.

 “As artists, our work is our voice and we treasure the incredibly meaningful conversations we have with the attendees at the show,” they said. “It is a privilege to be part of such an extraordinary group of artists who are continually pushing the limits and setting the trends.”

Christopher Jeffries executes his unique designs that embody the beauty of hand blown glass art in his wall installations.

Christopher Jeffries – Glass

A first-time artist from Laguna Beach, CA, Christopher been enamored with glass ever since he started working with it in college. His first wall installation was his Rock Wall Series that was inspired by the riverbeds in northern California. His excitement for the show is twofold; he is both “honored to showcase his work while being surrounded by a great variety of artwork and artists with so much talent.”

Christopher enjoys working on a larger scale with a spacious format and having a wall to use as a canvas so that he can create a unique environment as he personalizes the color and style of each piece of glass.

Stacey Lee Webber works with found materials that physically display some form of historical relevance. Her artwork is inspired by American families and the blue-collar work ethic that binds the heart of the United States.

Stacey Lee Webber – Mixed Media

After moving with her husband to Philadelphia five years ago, the couple originally didn’t plan to stay long. However, the idea of using the city as a “stepping stone to moving to New York,” quickly faded away. “The longer we live in Philly, the more we realized it is the best decision we could have made.”

To prepare for the 40th annual PMA Craft Show, Stacey will give herself “two or three months” to get ready, instead of the usual month. “At retail shows like this, I tend to sell… more substantial, one-of-a-kind work.” Stacey designs and creates her pieces, and tries to make it so that her artwork appeals to a broad audience. “We’re working harder than we’ve ever worked, but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

The PMA Craft Show provides attendees with a unique opportunity to meet 195 of the country’s finest craft artists, to learn about the skill that goes into creating the artwork, and to purchase handcrafted pieces. Visitors will be exposed to a variety of categories of work, including: glass, baskets, jewelry, both wearable and decorative fiber, metal, paper, leather, furniture, ceramic, wood, and mixed media.

“We are excited to kick-off our 40th Craft Show with the announcement of our jury selected artists joining us this year,” said Gwen Goodwill Bianchi, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show Chair for 2016. “The art promises to be a mix of traditional, cutting edge, and innovative pieces from long-time artists, emerging artists, and university art school students.”

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