5 Wedding Gifts Recipients Will Remember for a Lifetime

Despite wedding registry websites, anyone who’s been to a wedding recently will tell you finding that elusive perfect wedding gift is still tricky. Selecting an item that will forever remind them of your thoughtfulness is not a task to take lightly. We’ve compiled five memorable wedding gifts that will satisfy a couple’s basic needs in starting their life together.


A high quality cutting board is a must-have for any serious cook. Although some prefer plastic boards due to their cleanliness, recent studies have found that wooden cutting boards are easier to clean and accumulate less harmful bacteria than their plastic counterparts. 2015 Craft Show artist Phil Gautreau handcrafts his contemporary wood furnishings using locally-sourced and reclaimed wood, which has made him a favorite among the sustainably minded for years. Phil’s cutting boards not only look good, but are extremely durable, making your gift a staple of the couple’s kitchen for years to come.


Of course many couples already have basic kitchen flatware, however, the old IKEA set from college may not cut it anymore, especially after an influx of new gifts. This beautiful stainless steel set from YAMAZAKI is both functional and elegant, making it perfect for a dinner party or a midnight bowl of cereal. YAMAZAKI, one of the most respected makers of stainless steel products, started from humble beginnings in the early 1900’s in Japan. From there the company grew into one of the most recognizable names in fine flatware due to their specialized machinery which allows them to create high quality sleek designs.


Giving a nice set of wine glasses is a traditional wedding gift, but Joe Cariati’s barware selections will allow your gift to stand apart from the norm.  Joe produces a variety of barware, decanters, jars, and bottles, which can be paired based on color or functionality; each piece provides a unique contrast between the bright pastels of the glass and the vibrant wine hues. A seasoned glassblower, Joe has spent the last twenty years perfecting his glassware using a refined process inspired by an “incomparable synthesis of calculated pragmatism and essential beauty.” Using an elegant and minimalistic approach to glassblowing, Joe’s pieces add a level of colorful flair while accentuating the flavors of the wine. 


While many couples have an electric tea kettle, there is something uniquely comforting in making tea the old-fashioned way. A traditional teapot can keep water hot for a longer time and is a nice visual addition to any kitchen. We recommend two-time PMA Craft Show artist Rebecca Hungerford’s eccentric, handmade teapots. Rebecca’s designs are at times whimsical, but consistently reflect an innovative approach to pewtersmithing. If you’re looking to give a standout piece, we recommend her contemporary tea pots, which are designed with a naturalistic, instead of traditionalist, influence.


Giving a practical gift to a foodie couple can be especially stressful. What do you get someone that not only loves cooking, but cares deeply about the visual appeal of his or her recipes?  The answer may be a sushi plate set, which can either be a stand-alone present, or paired with sushi lessons or a guidebook. A sushi plate by Yoko Sekino-Bove from The Clay Studio, a Philadelphia nonprofit dedicated to the ceramic arts, is not only a practical serving plate, but also looks stunning thanks to its creative illustrations. Yoko’s pieces thematically fall in line with individualism and the importance of continuing to create manmade objects despite mass production and consumerism. And what better way to celebrate her message than by making your own sushi and serving it!

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