2016 Hot Spring Jewelry

Spring is in full swing, which means warm weather fashion is here! Jewelry in particular, is something that can accentuate any look, whether that be the early spring layers or exposed shoulder summer tops. In general, spring jewelry tends to be lighter and more reflective than its winter counterparts. Popular themes of light, maximalist, and industrial can be seen in some of this season’s most popular items including long gold-chained necklaces, statement earrings, chunky chokers, voluminous bracelets, and graphic clutches.

Let’s take a look at jewelry and accessories which exemplify spring 2016’s key motifs. 

Graphic Clutches

Bulgari’s Spring/Summer collection features an array of brightly clad purses and clutches, which are perfect for the office, a night on the town, or simply a walk in the park. Giving off a bright, cheery look, these bags stray from Bulgari’s well-known colors of turquoise and coral, yet are instantly recognizable as the Italian designer’s work. Bulgari’s spring line features bags with a snake-like brass gold plated "Serpenti" head closure and a slithering chain. While the snakeskin pattern and emblems fit the designers Greek and Roman heritage, its 2016 collection specifically fits into the season’s playful tones and loud patterns. 

Voluminous Bracelets


Any fashion enthusiast will tell you, gold never goes out of style, and there are always innovative ways to flaunt this precious metal. As spring heats up expect to see more dramatic pieces. Whether you’re in the market for chic rings or thick bold chains, expect to see this trend last throughout the summer. AUrate New York’s 18 karate gold plate over sterling-silver ring is a perfect example of this style. Designed with an eye toward the unique diversity of femininity in New York City, the designer’s co-founders create high-quality gold pieces at a fair price. This season’s line features bolder shapes and tones, which are created to be daily accessories. 

Chunky Chokers

Sticking with the industrial metallic theme comes this season’s “in” necklace and chokers: chain-links. Varying in length from a true choker to hitting just above the neckline, everyone from Etsy shops to big names like Alexander Wang are embracing this trend. This is Wang’s first major foray into jewelry, and he jumps in with a splash, creating “chunky, bike chain” inspired pieces. Complete with large chain links, and bulky locks, these brass-plated items make a bold first statement. 

Statement Earrings

Dainty earpieces such as studs and thin bands have been all the rage for the past couple of years, which has caused a reactionary period of large, more outlandish pieces. Now with the style really coming into its own, modest, more traditionalist names as well as newcomers have tried their hand at creating a splash. Rosie Assoulin, a relative newbie to the fashion scene, made her mark in playing with color, symmetry, and tone in her early lines, and 2016 is no exception. Each of her looks is paired with a quirky yet intricate brass earring, which beckons a surrealistic aesthetic. 

Long Chained Necklaces

Another variation in this daring trend comes from Genevieve Yang, who has created many works within this now chic theme. Inspired by her time in the Wyoming wilderness, Yang, a three-time PMA Craft Show exhibitor, uses the spirit of nature, in particular the moon cycles, as her muse. Her gold chains are made of recycled 18k gold, palladium, and sterling silver, the combination of which elicits an emotionally striking response. 

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