Meet the Juror: Don Miller

2015 PMA Craft Show Juror Don Miller is an artist and associate professor at The University of Arts. His sculpture and furniture works are inspired by a broad range of historical woodworking practices and have been shown in New York, Boston and the upper Midwest.

What’s the most rewarding or challenging aspect of serving as juror?

There are tons of entries, many of them similar. Working with a group at speed really sharpens one's eye for what excels in concept and/or execution—and, upon discussion/reflection, why. This is great practice for both intuitive and considered insight into my own working process.

What sets the PMA Craft Show apart?

The Philadelphia community, a world class museum and the professional and cultural commitment of the Women's Committee; knowledge of the show’s audience and a willingness to challenge it; and great jurors (of course) all set the show apart.

What do you look for when selecting artists for the PMA Craft Show?

I look for work that goes beyond simple technique or blends technique with "concept.” I’m not necessarily looking for “ideas” but an inquisitive attitude towards materiality, history, function, etc.

What craft trends have you seen emerging among this year's applicants?

Some of the best work by young artists exhibits subjective commitment to process, fresh use/reuse of materials, digital fabrication as a tool, and consideration of the dialogue between product and autonomous object.

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