Meet the Jewelry Artist Q&A: 2013 Award Winner Hiroko Streppone

Photo: Jewelry by Hiroko M. Streppone

Hiroko M. Streppone (booth #329) is the founder and president of Hiroko Designs, a fine jewelry manufacturer founded in 1984. Trained both in Japan and the US, Hiroko has exhibited her work throughout the US, Europe and Asia, and at all major jewelry shows, including JA Show NYC, American Craft Council (ACC) Craft Show Baltimore, the Las Vegas Jewelry Show, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. Hiroko's jewelry has been featured in many fine jewelry boutiques and museum shops around the US and continues to appear in many trade magazines. Hiroko is a member of the International Jewelry Design Guild (IJDG). She is a NYS-licensed instructor at Studio Jewelers, Ltd. You can preview the work of the 2013 award winner for excellence in jewelry here.

What first interested you in working in your medium?
Precious metals always had an attraction for me. The warm colors of gold, the cool elegance of silver, the stately look of platinum, working the metal in combination with precious stones provides an unparalleled excitement in design. Jewelry is functional art at its best!

What is special about the medium you work with? How does it inform the work you create?
Precious metals can be worked and reworked and transformed from one design to another while keeping its basic properties. It’s kind of a rebirth, a new beginning, an object that can last an eternity. That’s why I love it. I can work the metal until I achieve my goal and my own personal design.

What do you love about your workspace?
My studio allows me to design and execute my ideas without the need to leave my workspace-- it’s fully equipped and easily accessible. Soldering, polishing, and wax modeling all can be done in a comfortable environment right in the heart of Manhattan.

What was your inspiration for a recent piece?
Inspiration is everywhere. I draw from architecture, textile design, floral patterns, and industrial design for inspiration and combine them to make them my own.



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