Craft Show Juror Q&A: Eric Rymshaw

We continue our blog series getting to know this year’s Show jurors with Eric Rymshaw, a Philadelphia-based architect and interior designer who is the design principal at Fury Design, Inc. where he partners with James Fulton. Their work includes large-scale residential interior and architectural projects, as well as corporate interiors. As collectors, Rymshaw and Fulton have been attending the Craft Show since its inception. Fury Design advocates for both craft and fine art with their clients and often commissions artists to create one-of-a-kind objects for interior and architectural projects.

What's the most rewarding or challenging thing about serving as a juror?

I really enjoy the diverse point of view that jurors bring – it’s like collaborating with really smart perceptive professionals who know their subject and share openly. It always opens my mind to new ways to look at artists and what they make. It often makes me realize how much I still can learn.

What makes the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show different? 

It’s the constant pursuit of excellence in the artists that are accepted into the show. Year after year there are amazing artists who surprise us.

What do you look for when selecting artists for the PMA Craft Show? 

I look for artists who not only excel in the craft of their work but as important their ability to design a beautiful object. My own love is for clay and wood. 

Which craft trends did you see coming through this year? 

Restrained modern minimalism. Clay and textile art are having a resurgence.

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