Richard Haining Jr.

Brooklyn, NY

Richard Haining is a Brooklyn-based designer-maker. His current body of work, Stacked, is strongly influenced by the over-abundance of scrap wood being thrown out in the shops he's worked in & from the plethora of pre-war building materials being trashed from NYC's architectural landscape. Be it the California Redwood from an old NYC water tower, the Heart Pine from a building joist in a brownstone, or walnut offcuts from a new project, these perfectly good materials became the building blocks for his vessels. Haining's vessels are built hollow & shaped entirely by hand...NO lathe work involved. The one-of-a-kind patterns created by the tiny stacked wooden pieces achieve a quality reminiscent of basketry, ceramics, & mosaic tile work. The forms are classic & recognizable; it's apparent he's drawn inspiration from a variety of cultures including African, Native American, & Grecian. Haining's work is inspired by responsibility & elegantly hand-crafted with a modern sensibility.
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