Hampden, ME

Larry Clifford

Selected Work

About Larry Clifford

My mixed media biblio-quilts are composed of thousands of tiles that were harvested from old, discarded books salvaged from basements and attics. They’re not made of cloth. The methods I employ are labor-intensive, and the supplies I use are precious. I repurpose every part of every book—the cover, the pages, the spine—breathing new life into those materials with the addition of dyes, inks, and acrylics. For the PMA Show, I’ll bring a 4’x4’ original for demonstration purposes, and an assortment of limited-edition prints for sale (3’x3’ giclee reproductions, signed and numbered). That way, guests can see the unique characteristics of my materials–the feel of the body type, the texture of the covers, the curious titles and illustrations. They will be able to choose from any of the six pieces in my current inventory, or one of the figurative panels I’m currently working on. As a former medical illustrator, I am thrilled to be getting back to my roots as a maker of fine art.