Erdenheim, PA

John Rodgers

Selected Work

About John Rodgers

I am a sculptor. My formal training has been that of a sculptor. I am also an object maker and as such I often find myself more aligned with those artists trained in the crafts disciplines. I am keenly interested in building sculptures that have a high level of craftsmanship. In the design phase of each sculpture I strive to work with the juxtaposition of curved and straight edged forms. For the construction of my pieces it has long been my goal to create and to join dissimilar materials in a unique and different way. I enjoy the challenge of joining older found objects with newer more heavily manipulated and fabricated materials. I create an aesthetic in which the clean contemporary feel of metal is softened and warmed by the rich hues and textures from both domestic and exotic woods found around the world. The final desired effect is a compelling contrast of organic ageless beauty with a modern sheen and strength.

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