Joy Stember

Abington, PA

I am a metal artist who specializes in contemporary pewter Judaica and objects for the home. I create heirlooms for a new generation of collectors by reinventing the idea of traditional pieces to appeal to a modern family. After returning from a trip to Israel, which focused on creativity, spirituality and the history of Israel, I found myself profoundly changed. I realized that the impact of this journey had led me to discover my true passion. My art is inspired by the long lines and repetitive nature in urban landscapes with inspiration from mid-century design. I use a variety of metals such as pewter, brass, bronze, silver and copper to produce my designs. Each piece is fabricated using a method of scoring and folding sheets of pewter to make three dimensional forms. The pieces are then folded and soldered together using a low-temperature solder. The textures are created using an embossing method.
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