Laura Baring-Gould

Somerville, MA

I am committed to making deeply resonate bronze sculptural objects that offer an ineffable sense of weight and connection. Familiar, precious and impermanent forms applique children’s hats, felt shoes, fresh or rotten heirloom fruit, seed pods, antiquated bamboo baskets, fish traps and woodworking tools - are re-created and cast into bronze to become distilled forms of everlasting importance. Designed to the scale of the human hand, each piece transforms what is common and known into something that is unique and universal. In bronze, each piece becomes a sculptural object that rekindles essential pleasures of touch when the unexpected weight of the metal is held in the palm of a hand. Pieces are created through traditional and ancient techniques of bronze casting including work in lost wax and direct burnout with skillful hot patina finish to offer stunning color and surface.
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