James Leritz and Elissa Ehlin

Brooklyn, NY

Elissa Ehlin and James Leritz are designers, enamelist and metal spinners from Brooklyn, NY who produce high quality, 100% hand-made, hand-crafted contemporary enamel hollow ware, jewelry, sculpture and tile. With a less is more approach to the process of enameling, we continue to push the limitations of copper and enamel. Kiln pieces have a strong focus on form, color and contrast. Creating our own forms and spinning the copper in the studio gives a creative edge to our pieces being totally unique and unmistakably Kiln. Technology and craftsmanship are united in sumptuous materials by a philosophy of environmental concern both ecologically and aesthetically. Elissa and Jay’s environments and products incorporate a modern sensibility with a strong emphasis toward the latest developments in art and product design. They are reflections of their context, considering factors such as client interests, place in history, geographical region, and purpose of the space.
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