David Bacharach

Cockeysville, MD

My new body of work has been inspired by two interests; wind powered kinetic sculpture and the architectural beauty inherent in insects, birds and plants. The materials I employ, recycled roofing copper and steel from fabricators scrap piles, and a background in traditional smithing & basketry inform and guide my approach to my work. I have observed that nature is viewed primarily as outlines and shadows. Delicate insects, birds and plant life are often overlooked/over-powered, in the mind’s eye by the color of leaves and the silhouettes of trees. But, a visual understanding of the natural world can only be revealed, when time is devoted to details. As in the nature, my sculptures outlines & shadows are often first to grab a viewer’s attention. Large 3-D works that speak to the issues of line & movement are therefore not always best represented by full photos displayed in small formats. Therefore, I intentionally chose to represent some works with detail shots rather than the entire pieces.
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