Benjamin Caldwell

Nashville, TN

My work encompasses the creation of functional art with timeless design, then captures it in copper or silver as serving pieces and tableware. I have always loved the natural world and after hiking the Appalachian Trail, I was moved to focus on nature as a source of inspiration. I was also fortunate to grow up surrounded by historical American silver and steeped in those classical proportions and forms. Because of these influences my designs have that historical foundation while being very organic yet modern in their interpretation. Each one-of-a-kind piece is created by hand using traditional metal smithing techniques including chasing, planishing, repoussé, and raising and sinking of bowls. I have even designed some of the tools that I use every day. My studio in Nashville, TN uses the purest available copper, silver, and naturally shed antlers, all sourced from the USA. I like to think of my metalwork as the marriage of beauty and functionality, a quality that is becoming rare.
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