Portland, OR

JacQueline Sanchez

Selected Work

About JacQueline Sanchez

I have been a jeweler for over 25 years. For the past 18 years LEGO bricks have been a big part of my practice. I sand, cut, drill and sandblast each LEGO piece. Sand blasting achieves a matte finish to create simplicity to a shinny beautiful toy brick. After I cut from the LEGO, eventually I recycle and use all the elements .Craftsmanship is very important to me. I hand fabricate all my work and I create my clasps using LEGO pieces and/or diamonds. LEGO represents a lot for many people so I try to honor that with each piece. The diamonds serve as the mature soul of the toy. My pieces over time have evolved into this new body of work telling my forever young story with more of a sophisticated perspective while still honoring "play" . Portland Skies is comprised using mostly white, grey and black bricks representing the rain and clouds of the Portland skies followed by the re-emerging beauty of the city.