Albuquerque, NM

Griffith Evans

Selected Work

About Griffith Evans

My current practice consists of reclaimed wood jewelry with bead or porcelain accents. Inspired by African jewelry and curvilinear wood furniture, I employ industrial fabrication methods to produce personal adornment of singular form. I harvest the trees in an orchard in northern New Mexico, the most water stressed state in the U.S. Climate change has provided materials for my artistry. By repurposing dying trees, I celebrate their beauty while calling attention to their plight. Cutting a log and seeing the exposed grain for the first time is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process. My mind races with possibilities as the inside is revealed. I strive to convey this excitement by crafting carefully finished, simple forms to celebrate the beauty of each piece of wood.

I'm at the in-person show in Philadelphia. You can contact me at and I offer Zoom consultations.