Debra Adelson

Collingswood, NJ

The planet we live on is constantly changing. Tectonic plates shift, the Earth's crust quakes, and volcanoes erupt. Air pressure falls, storms form, water erodes a slow path through rock. I am fascinated with the powerful forces that shape our air, land, water, and weather. I combine glass, sterling silver, and gemstones to create my narrative. My most current body of work is a study in contradictions: light/dark, rough/refined surfaces, & positive/negative space. I begin my process by engraving the glass with stone and diamond wheels. I polish specific parts of the surface to reveal light, shadows and reflection. Once I construct the sterling parts, I carve back into the glass so all of my elements are completely integrated into my designs. I strive to subtly imitate texture and movement which creates a unique vision and experience of nature within each piece.
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