Mark Sudduth

Cleveland Heights, OH

There is a quality in glass that is generated by the glass itself. Those qualities are elusive, intriguing and seductive. I make them as much a part of my work as possible. I work with thick glass because it exhibits qualities which interest me--depth, transparency, reflection and refraction. My attention to strong form is a very important factor in my work. This thought coupled with the cold work to cut, polish, engrave, highlight surfaces using lathes, merkers, dynafiles and flexible shafts incorporating stone and diamond wheels and other various tools evident in the canted forms and anklets, gives my work a unique presence.
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Join me this weekend for two 1-hour Zoom sessions. On Day 1, we will walk through the process of hand blowing a piece.  Day 2 will cover work on the piece in the cold shop -- cutting, grinding, polishing and engraving. I look forward to the chance to connect with you -- even if virtually! If you have any questions or would like to attend these virtual sessions, contact me for the Zoom invitation details. I can be reached via email at or via call/text at 216.401.0680.

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