Scott Hronich-Pernicka

Malta, NY

Sculpting glass since 1998, Scott Pernicka is most known for his vortex marbles. These perfectly round spheres with spirals of color play with optics and physics to create visual depths that transcend the physicality of the piece itself. With meticulous rigor, Scott uses a flame-working process to melt and shape high-quality, Borosilicate (hard) glass at temperatures well over 3000 degrees. Colors are produced by adding precious metals, such as gold and silver, along with gemstones and crushed opal. Scott Pernicka was born in Santa Fe and grew up on a cattle ranch in northern New Mexico. Working in glass and combining the qualities of color and form, Scott continually discovers new creative possibilities in his artistic practice. Pernicka�s glass spheres, jewelry, and sculptures can be found in galleries across the United States, and are held in private collections throughout the world.
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