Mark Lewanski

Portland, MI

Woven glass is an enigma, a contradiction, a complex and beautiful mystery. It challenges the observer in his perceptions of material properties. It is at once soft, like a delicate fabric and cold, vitreous and eternal. Metaphorically, it is the intersection of dreams, the impossible made possible. Simply stated, I weave with glass. It's not an illusion, it is truly woven. My work is the result of skilled glass cutting, careful color selection, and precisely controlled kiln firing. The technique of glass weaving is a painstaking, multi-stage process that involves forming thin strips of glass into sinusoidal waves, creating the weft. Straight (warp) pieces are then fed through rows of wefts. The resulting structure is then melted over a hand sculpted, clay mold within the kiln. The woven glass surfaces are then mounted in heavy, steel frames for wall hanging.
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