Creating works of art from empty wine bottles is the ultimate alchemy and way to combine my love of ecology with my love of art and architecture. I always love finding the beauty in the unexpected, and breaking what others call rules. This led me to combine processes from different mediums (glass, ceramics, stone work) and develop a new material derived from recycled glass bottles that I was able to patent and use as the building blocks of my chandeliers. The entire process, from dumpster diving for empties, to dimming the lights for the perfect effect, are part of my art. My lighting stops people in their tracks because it is simple and beautiful, and when I tell them I made it from empty beer bottles, or sake bottles, they can't believe it. That's what a love, keeping a bottle in its original shape, color, and size, yet transforming it so radically people are stunned by its beauty. This work is one hundred percent custom.
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