Jason Howard

Skaneateles, NY

My current work and series, "Soul Cages: An exploration of change, time, and process," is about inner life forces. The simple bubble is the genesis of all blown forms in glass, perhaps even the soul of glass. I prefer to work in blown forms because they capture a touch of life and a unique part of the artistic process; the human breath. In this series, i've tried to "let go," allowing the bubbles to expand as large as they can without too much control over their shape as they inflate in one breath. Later i group them in abstract ways as they remind me of something, setting them in locally found stones, often with the living moss still intact. By piercing the bubbles with a flame and leaving only their pure form, these captured bubbles are reduced to their absolute basic structure, pure essence, or inner life force. They are not stitched or woven, but rather blown, manipulated, and fumed with precious metals.
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