Gloucester, MA

John Cameron

Selected Work

About John Cameron

I am a furniture maker and engraver from Gloucester, MA. I have been designing and building pieces on spec and commission for over 30 years. Cabinetmaking appeals to me, demanding the use of both hands and mind. The sweeping curves and uninterrupted lines in my work reflect a balance of design and material. Each board is carefully chosen, often from the same tree, providing a unity of color and hue. Engraving metal and making hardware led to the exploration of other techniques--cast bronze, machining, shaping and forging--which are now an integral part of my furniture. I also work with Mokume-gane, a sandwich of semi-precious metals. Layers are exposed through cutting and hammering; when smoothed and patinated, these manipulations emerge as patterns of contrasting color. I strive to create a symbiosis between wood and metal that results in a beautiful, functional, considered whole.