Kim Schalk

Alexandria, VA

Noted-I’m not a feminist. I’m not. But there is a force inside that could not be quelled (sadly for me it was awakened by Facebook-yikes). It poured out and inspired in every aspect, every tuck every pleat in this collection. The masks women wear (sometimes by force sometimes not) and the binds that hold us down were sewn into every seam. Strength vs. femininity was a persistent conflict in the design. Diaphanous silks are melded with stiff cotton twills conveying the duality of my gender. The softest French terry knits are cut and sewn in architectural silhouettes (shapes that are typically meant for fabric with a more rigid hand) this was difficult to achieve and was used to fuse the opposing concepts. This collection was inspired by conflict and all that it has to offer and thank you for letting me share. All artists want to be heard!
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